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About Me



I was born in Romford, Essex in 1963.

I became interested in amateur radio in 1976 after my schoolmaster John Macrae (G4DXI) demonstrated a station to us in the classroom before school one autumn morning. The sound of Australian stations coming through John’s home constructed (Heathkit) radio (during sunspot minimum) was enough for me …… I was hooked.

I spent much of the next 3 years as a Short Wave Listener (SWL) with the RSGB issued listener code of BRS38314 using whatever equipment I could build or borrow. This included the loan of an HRO set and a B40 naval radio I purchased which weighed so much it broke my desk.

I studied for the RAE (Radio Amateur’s Examination) during the winter/spring of 1979/80 at Canterbury Tech College under the tutelage of Derek, G3LCK. After 8 months of evening classes I passed and received my Class B licence (G8XCW) in September 1980.

I knew that HF was where I wanted to be so quickly concentrated on learning the Morse Code. There were several of us at the school trying for the Morse test (Chris, G8CUJ, now G4LUO, Paddy, G8YBB, now G4MAD and myself). The physics lab was awash with dits and dahs from John Macrae’s key every school lunch break as we toiled to master “The Code”.

I finally felt confident enough and on 25th February 1981, I took the long bus journey to North Foreland Coastal Station where I passed my Morse test. I seem to remember posting my class A licence application the next morning. After the longest month of my life, my new licence was delivered appropriately on my 18th birthday, 27th March 1981………. G4LMW

Over the last 27 years, I have had several periods of inactivity and the logbook has only recently passed 1000 contacts. However, I have always been more of an SWL !

I have owned several second hand commercial radios but my most enjoyable period was in the late 80s when a lack of finances restricted me to a home-made 20m CW transceiver with an output of 3 watts.

I still prefer the “key” to any other mode and the majority of my contacts have been in Morse.

73 and thanks for stopping by